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The OtoStat handheld screener and diagnostic unit
Mimosa Acoustics' OtoStat handheld touchscreen device for testing DPOAE & wideband acoustic immittance.

Welcome to Mimosa Acoustics

Mimosa Acoustics is dedicated to bringing you equipment that improves and simplifies hearing screening and diagnostics. Our OtoStat and HearID products both allow you to test middle- and inner-ear status quickly and easily with the same probe fit. Our aim is to give your patients the best science has to offer in a user-friendly clinical package.

OtoStat® - for convenient handheld hearing screening and diagnostics

The latest in audiology is now at your fingertips. OtoStat is a portable, touch-screen, handheld screener and diagnostic unit that is easy to use and gives you results rapidly and conveniently. OtoStat maintains the highest degree of scientific integrity, and allows you to test the middle and inner ear with a single probe fit. With two taps on the touchscreen, you can test wideband acoustic immittance (MEPA reflectance and absorbance) and DPOAEs. Choose from 3 DPOAE protocols: the Boystown 4-frequency protocol used for infant screening, or 6 and 12 frequency protocols designed for convenient billing. OtoStat is a legally marketed device (FDA 510(k)). More...

HearID® 5 Auditory Diagnostic System

Mimosa Acoustics' HearID auditory diagnostic system incorporates portable, lightweight hardware with a flexible, intuitive software interface. The integrated user interface gives instant access to patient records and the customizable measurement modules (wideband acoustic immittance and otoacoustic emissions). HearID is a legally marketed device (FDA 510(k)) and is CE marked. More...

Which is right for me? OtoStat or HearID?

Choose OtoStat if you want a portable, handheld device, that quickly and easily does MEPA and DPOAE testing. Test protocols

Mimosa Acosutics' HearID Software and Hardware system screenshot and photo
Mimosa Acoustics' HearID hardware system: audio processing unit (USB), ear probe and tips, MEPA calibration cavity, and HearID 5 software.

are preconfigured and run automatically. Ideal for screening programs and ENT specialists. Measurement integrity and validity is not compromised in providing the convenience of a handheld unit.

Choose HearID if you want the ability to do MEPA, DPOAE, and/or TEOAE testing, configure your test protocols, and manage patients with an integrated database. Ideal for people needing flexibility and configurability, including clinical audiologists and hearing researchers. HearID is run connected to a laptop computer.

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New release - HearID 5.1.9 - now with tone-burst TEOAEs and medial-olivocochlear reflex (MOCR) testing. More...

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