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Mimosa Acoustics is dedicated to bringing you equipment that improves and simplifies hearing screening and diagnostics. OtoStat and HearID both allow you to test middle- and inner-ear status quickly and easily with the same probe fit. Our aim is to give your patients the best science has to offer in a user-friendly clinical package.

We support both clinicians and researchers, bringing you easy to use interfaces with preprogrammed protocols that are also  highly customizable. 

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HearID® 5.1

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HearID incorporates portable, lightweight hardware with flexible, intuitive software. The integrated user interface gives instant access to patient records and the customizable measurement modules, which include wideband acoustic immittance (MEPA), and DPOAE and TEOAE otoacoustic emission modules). For research users, we also have SFOAE and MOCR modules. HearID is a legally marketed device (FDA 510(k)). More...

OtoStat® 2.0

The OtoStat handheld screener and diagnostic unit

OtoStat is a handheld touchscreen device for testing DPOAE and wideband acoustic immittance (MEPA) quickly and easily. With just two taps, both middle and inner ear status is revealed. Now with OtoStation® patient management software. OtoStat is a legally marketed device (FDA 510(k)). More...